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Inspired by such games as Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden; Aftermath is a
NES styled action platformer. However in Aftermath you play as a dog.
You must run, jump, and dodge your way through 8 levels to recover your
beloved owner. All the while also trying to fend off thugs, bandits,
henchmen, and mutants. Explore the world left behind the destruction
brought on by Y2K.


NES style graphics

8 Levels

Playable Dog

Controller Support

8 bit style music

Platformy goodness in every bite!


January 1st, 2000 all of the world's computers ceased to operate. This
event is known as Y2K. As a result banking operations were shutdown,
electrical power grids also ceased operations. The world quickly
spiraled into chaos. A world war broke out and soon to follow was all
out nuclear warfare. The result left the earth decimated as well as most
of its population. For those left there was still the problem of
radiation. However a chemical was released in the air. It drastically
reduced the levels of radiation, but it came with a side effect. DNA of
all species began to mutate leaving behind monstrosities.

It is now the year 2102 and you are a dog named Dash. Your owner (Dr.
Finch) is a Medical Doctor. On a scavenging trip in an attempt to create
much needed medicine, She is kidnapped while you are asleep. When you
awake all you are left with is the trace scent of your master. You must
track her down and save her!


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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